A. Information prior to procurement

VELATTI’s contract with the user for purchasing their products will have all legal effects when consent and the other requirements necessary for its validity concur, as established in legislation.

Prices in the online shop could be modified at any time if the circumstances require. For the customer’s convenience, product prices will be displayed in several currencies.

All product prices displayed on this website include VAT. The taxable base and the VAT will appear in the shopping cart when the purchase is finalised, on the final invoice.

B. Information for the consumer on exercising the right of cancellation

The exercise of the right of cancellation, under Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, compliant with Article 68: “The right of cancelleation from a contract is the right of the consumer and user to revoke the contract entered into, notifying the other contractual party within the established period of time for exercising this right, with no need for justifying their decision and with no penalty of any kind ”.

This means that the user can exercise their right to cancel the contract signed with the shop within 14 (fourteen) calendar days and with no need to justify their decision.

C. Exercising the right of cancellation

To exercise the right of cancellaiton, the user must notify the company of their will to cancel the contract by issuing an unequivocal statement (e.g., a letter sent by registered mail, or an email). You can use the cancellation form accessible from this section.

Instructions for filling in the form:

Send the letter by registered mail, or by email to either of the addresses below:

  • Electronic mail web@velatti.com
  • Regular mail: C/. Muntaner 200, entlo 2ª, 08036- Barcelona, Spain

Cancellation form (Only fill in and send this form if you wish to cancel the contract):

This is to inform you that I wish to cancel the sales contract referring to the following product: (required data), indicating the following data:


It is indispensable to send the following personal data, if any of this information is missing, it will not be possible to cancel the contract:

  • Personal data of the consumer.
  • Address of the consumer.
  • Signature of the consumer.
  • Date the document was signed.
  • Date and document accrediting the purchase of the product.

The period for contract cancellation will begin to be counted from the date in which the buyer received the order, or lacking this, from the moment the seller knew of the purchase by the customer.

The right of cancellaiton is subject to the following conditions:

  • The returned product will not be accepted without its original packaging, guarantee and instruction documents.
  • Products from the same order must be returned together, separate returns from a single order will not be accepted.
  • Products must be returned in their original packaging and with their seals intact
  • The product must be returned within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the reception date.
  • If the product does not comply with the above conditions, the purchaser will receive an email explaining that the right of cancellaiton is not applicable.
  • VELATTI will withhold the amount to be reimbursed until the goods are received at the following address: C/. Muntaner 200, entlo 2ª, 08036- Barcelona, Spain.
  • Return delivery costs will be payable by the customer.
  • If the return is made with a transport company other than that used by VELATTI, under no circumstances will VELATTI accept responsibility for loss or damage to the package. In case of loss or damages, the customer will pay for the reimbursement and lost or damaged product expenses, as applicable.
  • If on receiving the order, the buyer were to observe that it was not correctly sealed or displayed signs of damage, the buyer must report this in writing on the delivery note and inform VELATTI by email: web@velatti.com within 24 hours, to be entitled to any possible reimbursement.
  • If the no complaint is made by the customer within the 24h after receiving the product, VELATTI will take it that the delivery arrived correctly and will therefore not accept any claims regarding this issue after this period.
  • In the case of personalised goods such as engraved products, personalised jewels or exclusive orders, it will not be possible to exercise the right to cancel the contract.
D. Consequences of cancellation

If the customer’s right of cancellation is accepted by VELATTI, being in compliance with all the legal requirements, all payments received will be reimbursed (except return delivery expenses) without excessive delay and after we have been informed of this decision, as long as it is exercised within the established 14 (fourteen) calendar-day period.

If the customer decides to exercise the right of cancellation of their own accord, the company will not reimburse delivery expenses incurred by returning the product.

We will proceed to reimburse the money using the same method of payment the customer used in the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed, which must be justified.


VELATTI will supply sufficient information on the characteristics of their products, in a clear, understandable and truthful manner. Therefore, the products on sale offer the maximum guarantee, both technically and legally.

The online purchasing service on this portal is regulated by these Particular conditions, the purchase of products being subject to the following terms:

  • Purchasers must be 18 years old or over.
  • Orders from the portal will have been selected previously by the customer, from the owner of the website, put into the shopping cart.
  • Once the customer has made the order, it will be confirmed via an email sent to the address submitted by the customer.
  • With the order confirmed, the price to be paid by the customer will be indicated on the order sheet, together with delivery costs and taxes.
  • When the order confirmation has been sent by the seller, the contract with be understood to be perfected and it will be executed under the general terms and conditions specified in point one.



The prices charged for delivering products are as follows:

Peninsular Spain and Portugal:

  • For purchases up to or over 50€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 50€: Delivery charge will be 5€ per delivery.

Balearic Islands:

  • For purchases up to or over 50€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 50€: Delivery charges will be 10€ per delivery.

Canary Islands:

  • For purchases up to or over 100€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 100€: Delivery charges will be 15€ per delivery.
  • These orders are exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax), but they will be subject to import tariffs, which will be payable by the customer.

European Union:

  • For purchases up to or over 100€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 100€: Delivery charges will be from 10€ to 35€ (the delivery charges prices change depends on the country)

Europa (non-EU): Andorra, Croacia, Islandia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Noruega, Suiza y Turquía

  • For purchases up to or over 150€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 150€: Delivery charges will be from 10€ to 35€ (the delivery charges prices change depends on the country)
  • These orders will be exempt of VAT (Value Added Tax), but they will be subject to import tariffs, which will be payable by the customer.

The United States:

  • For purchases up to or over 150$/USD: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 150$/USD Delivery charges will be 25$/USD
  • The prices published, payments and invoices for shipping to the USA will be in $/USD
  • Deliveries to the United States include delivery costs, but not taxes or import tariffs, which will be payable by the customer.
  • Velatti has no offices in the United States and therefore cannot collect or pay the Sales tax on behalf of the customer.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, US State authorities may require these taxes to be paid by US citizens who purchase online. Under no circumstances will these charges be paid by Velatti


  • For purchases up to or over 150€: No delivery charge.
  • For purchases under 150€: Delivery charges will be from 35€ to 40€ (the delivery charges prices change depends on the country)
  • These orders are exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax), but they will be subject to import tariffs, which will be payable by the customer.

Note – All delivery prices include VAT

The delivery companies used are:

  • GLS (National deliveries)
  • UPS (International deliveries)

VELATTI reserves the right to modify, temporarily suspend or cancel the service at any time. The company will also reject purchases that do not pass security controls established in their e-commerce systems and the security systems of the payment managing services on this Portal.

  • Orders will not be dispatched on Saturdays and public and local holidays.
  • Only if the products ordered are in stock. For orders of products that are not in stock, delivery will take 30 days at the most, if it could be more, we will inform the customer of the estimated time needed.
  • Payment Confirmation will initiate the commitment of the delivery service.
  • Products will not be sent to PO boxes.
  • VELATTI will guarantee the product will be made as long as there are materials, the day the materials arrive, or the day payment is received.
  • Estimated time of delivery of the product:

Peninsular Spain and the European Union: If the order is made before 17:00 h., the product will be delivered to the customer within 72 hours. For orders made after 17:00 h, the time will be counted from the next working day.

The United States: 2-4 working days, depending on the destination.

The rest of the world: 2-5 working days, depending on the destination.

  • Orders made on Saturday, Sunday or local or national public holidays will be processed on the next working day.
  • VELATTI reserves the right to change the type of delivery and the company transporting the goods, whenever this is not manifestly detrimental for the customer.
  • The user is informed that if they are not at home at the moment of delivery, there will be another subsequent delivery, but if a third delivery were necessary at the customer’s address, this will be payable by the customer, or they can go to the corresponding delegation of the transport company to collect the order.
  • Orders sent to European Union countries do not contain an invoice or documentation regarding the value of the product
  • All orders sent to counties outside the European Union, as established by customs regulations, are accompanied by an official invoice stating the value of each article..


Services of third parties not belonging to VELATTI are used for processing payment, more specifically the following:


All means of payment are made electronically through the BBVA bank payment gateway, which works as a virtual point-of-sale terminal. For this service, VELATTI will request specific data from the user to process payment, according to the payment mode used.

Once the payment process is successfully finalised, the contract will be understood as subscribed and VELATTI will confirm this by email, in compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society and e-commerce services.

Customer attention service:

In compliance with the Consumers and Users Law, as these are contracts made outside a trading establishment, VELATTI, places a truthful and economical means of information at the disposal of customers.

For any complaint or suggestion, customers may contact the company using any of the following:

  • Electronic mail: : web@velatti.com
  • Regular mail: C/. Muntaner 200, entlo 2ª, 08036-Barcelona, Spain, enclosing a photocopy of your DNI or another ID document.


La política de entrega de los pedidos y los posibles cambios de productos se regirán por las siguientes reglas:

  1. VELATTI se reserva el derecho de modificación, suspensión temporal o cancelación, en cualquier momento del servicio.
  1. VELATTI no se hace responsable de los posibles errores que puedan derivarse por fallos del sistema informático, o bien, por las propias equivocaciones humanas que se pudieran ocasionar, en la facturación, venta de los productos o comunicación comercial. En cuyo caso, se rectificarán de manera objetiva, sin que dé lugar a indemnizaciones ni pagos adicionales al cliente, y se ofrecerá al usuario la posibilidad de realizar un nuevo pedido o desistir del mismo, devolviendo el dinero, al cliente, que hubiese abonado en la compra inicial, en su caso.
  1. Si por causas no atribuibles a VELATTI, fuerza mayor o un error en la contabilización del stock, y se pusiera a la venta un producto no disponible, y éste fuera adquirido por un usuario en la tienda on-line, VELATTI se compromete a actuar de buena fe y ofrecer al usuario una de las siguientes posibilidades:
  • Reembolsar la cantidad que el cliente hubiera abonado por el producto comprado, sin ningún tipo de indemnización al mismo, a través del mismo por el que se ha realizado el pago.
  • Sustituir por otro modelo, de igual calidad y valor, disponible en stock, previo consentimiento por parte del cliente.
  • Si hubiere posibilidad de disponer del mismo producto, en un plazo posterior, enviarlo en un nuevo término de entrega, pactado previamente con el cliente. Sino, se le devolvería el importe abonado al cliente, en caso de no estar conforme.


Antes de la contratación, el cliente tendrá a su disposición en el portal la información relativa a los trámites que deben seguirse para la celebración del contrato electrónico de compraventa de productos o servicios a través del Servicio.

El procedimiento de compra on-line consta de varias fases:

1ª Fase: Escoger los productos expuestos en la tienda on-line, por parte del usuario.

2ª Fase: Rellenar los datos personales necesarios, en el apartado disponible en nuestra página web http://www.velatti.com del formulario correspondiente, para proceder a la compra on-line.

3ª Fase: Confirmación del pedido, por parte del cliente.

4ª Fase: Pago, donde constarán todos los importes a cobrar, incluidos los impuestos. Momento en que se perfecciona el contrato al amparo de la Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico.

5ª Fase: Envío de los productos elegidos por el usuario, que corresponde al vendedor.

Para el proceso de compra on-line se le requerirán los datos que sean necesarios para realizar la ejecución y control de la compra, incluidos la entrega del producto y el pago del precio.

Los datos de facturación serán aquellos que consten en el registro del usuario. VELATTI no se responsabiliza de los errores cometidos por el usuario en los datos que nos facilite para la realización de la compra, debiendo el usuario prestar especial atención en la cumplimentación de los formularios y, sin perjuicio, de la posibilidad de corregir dichos datos tras la realización de la compra.

Si el usuario introduce datos erróneos durante el proceso de compra y su corrección da lugar a gastos, VELATTI se reserva el derecho a cargar a cuenta del Usuario dichos gastos o a anular la compra solicitada.

Para modificar sus datos de registro, podrá dirigirse por correo electrónico o postal:

  • Correo electrónico: web@velatti.com
  • Correo postal: C/. Muntaner 200, entlo 2ª, 08036- Barcelona, España, adjuntando una fotocopia del DNI o documento acreditativo de su identidad.



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